Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Keystone Academy: Where Legislators Learn the Etiquette of Serving Special Interests

The Center for Media and Democracy is the best source of investigative information this side of Wikileaks.

They somehow obtained and reported on documents disclosing a junket to the Alberta Tar Sands for state legislators.  Apparently it was an ALEC function, and appropriately resulted in lots of KXL-friendly legislation quickly finding its way into state legislatures.

To anyone paying attention, who happens to also be free to draw their own conclusions, it's obvious our legislative system, and the media and education systems that enable us to participate in democracy, are fatally broken and need rebuilding from the bottom up ... sans wealthy special interests.

But that means organizing masses of ordinary people to realize what is happening and the urgency of their acting in concert in their mutual best interest.

The problem is exacerbated by the prevalence of commercial mass media that redirect the attention of the population away from the important circumstances that require sustained focus and a refined awareness.  We're forever turning our heads away from reality, which we don't even recognize on the rare occasions when we're actually able to glimpse it.

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